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Floppy Hat

Hiya, sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’m too lazy to be honest, I have all the photos stored just can never be bothered to write the post.

Anyway, just thought I would show you my floppy hat, I got it from H&M a while ago but it was never the weather to wear it. This was my casual ensemble for a family BBQ.

Have a lovely day



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The New Icons

So H&M have launched their new collection for this season ‘The New Icons’ its a really lovely collection. The quality of them are good for the prices they are. The pieces are also featured on this months vogue.

Below is the blazer which is £29.99 with embroidery on the shoulder. The fit of the blazer is lovely if feels good. And it’s also one of those pieces that makes you feel good when you have it on. Those are the best kind.

The slipper shoes are from Zara as are my jeans. With just a basic tee, so the attention isn’t taken from the blazer.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at H&M’s new collection. The links is as follows save you searching for it. http://hm.com/gb/thenewicons







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Pastel Shorts & Skull Tee

You may have seen these shorts in a previous post, they were from asos. I have teamed them with this cool skull tee. I cut the neck on the t-shirt as I don’t like round necks. Voila, hello outfit. I love the ice cream/pastel colours of these shorts clashed with the black skull print. Oh and look the skull has headphones on, you don’t get much cooler than that really.



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Aztec Playsuit

So here is my latest outfit that I bought for my holiday but since the weather has been nice here in England for a change I thought I would get some use of it. I love the colours and print. I wore it with white flip flops. I found this little beauty in the sale in H&M and I have a little feeling it will still be in style next year.



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Grown Up Shoes

More grown up shoes. These ones are from Matalan. They only cost a small fortune, I plan to wear them to work and they are right on trend with the metallic point.




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Carrie Bradshaw Style

How adorable are these. Don’t usually go for heels any smaller than 5 inches but I’m going to keep these ones as my grown up shoes. How Carrie Bradshaw style are they?




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Sucker For Socks

Such a sucker for socks. Can’t help myself. Look how cute they are. Total bargain from Primark


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Summer Loving

This summer dress is from H&M also available in blue.


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Who likes short shorts?

… I like short shorts.
These are my shorts from river island that I wouldn’t dare wear in England. I’m not a massive fan of showing my bum cheeks, but on holiday it’s acceptable. Plus you can only see a little. The top is also from River Island. My favourite holiday outfit. So much so I wore it twice.


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Summer Dress

Just a little summer dress from Primark. Was really light and comfy to wear in the 40 degree heat in Turkey though.


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