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New Shoes/ Men’s Style

Hiya all,

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, I’ve just started a new job, re arranged my bedroom and quite frankly, I’m just lazy.

Anyway here are the shoes I bought today, I’m absolutely in love with them.

I’m not a massive girly girl so a bit of masculinity sits very well with me. These are from Simmi Shoes. I really like the boat style shoe but was never too keen on the colours. Well I spotted these today and to be honest it was the contrast colours that caught my eye. They happen to fit like a glove and are extremely light. Winning all round.

Lots of love




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Summer Is Coming…

So here in Essex it has been getting warmer and brighter, I’m sure it won’t last but today I thought it was acceptable for the outfit.
Perfect excuse to wear my new sandals, I’ve been itching to get them on, I think they’re beautiful and they are leather so will definitely last and are worth every penny. (Excuse my toes)
The top was found on my little shopping trip at the weekend from Matalan’s children’s wear.

Top: Matalan (Children’s wear)
Jeans: Zara
Sandals: Zara




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Jeffery Campbell’s

Thought you guys might like those these, I’m a bit late with sharing, I bought these on Boxing Day in the sale. Lets just say they were cheaper than half price.
They’re a lot more comfortable than you think, I’m petty sure the height of them is 7 inches. And the spikes do infact hurt, not the easiest to take off when you’ve had a drink. Give Jeffery his dues though a warning came in the box about the spikes and they were beautifully packaged and wrapped.



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Grown Up Shoes

More grown up shoes. These ones are from Matalan. They only cost a small fortune, I plan to wear them to work and they are right on trend with the metallic point.




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Carrie Bradshaw Style

How adorable are these. Don’t usually go for heels any smaller than 5 inches but I’m going to keep these ones as my grown up shoes. How Carrie Bradshaw style are they?




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Nike Blazer’s

Here are my new babies. I have been looking for a pair of Blazer’s for an entire month and everywhere I went they never had my size in any colour, not in the shops, not online, not available to be notified when in stock. Nothing. Then finally has a little pay day shop and thought I would double-check because Office had this new colour in the window. Low and behold there they were, the colour is called aqua green by the way.

I get the biggest buzz for footwear as it is, especially when I’ve had to wait a while for them. I had the biggest grin on my face when they were handed to me in the bag. I haven’t worn any other shoes since. I hope you’re jealous.

Lots of Love

Chels – xx

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Adidas Gazelles

Thought I would show you the new edition to my shoe collection. I really wanted a new pair of trainers, don’t ask why, I rarely wear them I just think they’re handy to have. I wish I did wear them more often though, these are amazing ( I think so anyway.) I love the colour and the fact they are suede, which explains why I won’t wear them, I really don’t want to ruin them. They’r really light and comfortable though. Hope you like.



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Creepy Sandal Shoes

Heres another pair of shoes for you, I fall in love with these every time I see them. Theyre from office. I think I like them so much because they look like creepy sandals that you would see someone wearing socks with. As much as I would never wear socks and sandals it sooo makes me want to try it, just to see how creepy it is. I know the colours on these seem  like they don’t go with much, but I tend to find that if I don’t think I’ll wear shoes because of that, they end up being worn the most. Point is proving well so far. For some reason the flash on my camera has made these look like the colour is actually brighter. But it isn’t they do actually look like the photo taken from office.



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Pastels, Pastels, Pastels

Hiya Guys,

Sorry I havent posted for a while, been working late shifts.

Thought I would share these with you as I think they are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely perfect for this season as they are a pastel mint green. I’m yet to wear them but even if they’re uncomfortable it won’t matter. No pain no gain. They’re from Primark by the way if anyone wants to go and snap them up. I’m thinking they’ll look really cute with a white sundress and a pastel coloured bag.





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