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Maybelline Colour Show – Polka Dots

Ok so the new maybelline colour show polka dots nail varnish, this is what it looks like. The black and whit one anyway, I believe it comes in blue and green also.

There is one nail with just the polka dots stuff on, the rest are over Rimmels ‘Block your green’

It took a good few coats to get the amount polka dots I wanted so it chipped quite easy but if you like less bus nails this will be great for you.

Love Chels




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Get Creative

New nails for you. Dotting tool used. I’ll let them speak for themselves though.

Oh the inspiration was my pyjamas.






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Half Polka Dot Half Block Colour


Thought I’d share this one with you, I like the crowded-ness of this pattern, but thats why it is only on on nail. Plus it takes a long times. Hope you like.


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Spotty Nails

Just to stay on the polka dot theme that I seem to have going on, here are my latest nails. As mentioned in my previous post ‘SupermanNails’ I love the blue nail varnish that I got from topshop, I wanted to re do them with this colour so thought I would add white spots, I keep seeing people doing nails with pastel colours and white dots. Seen as I love this nail varnish so much I thought I’d just add white dots to this, join the trends with a twist, as per.

Not too neat in this picture and the dots didnt work out so well, but you get the jist. A lot of people lately have been asking me how I do it and are quick to disbelieve that I do them myself. I just get the brush from the nail varnish, make sure there isnt loads of nail varnish on there and then blob it on my nail. Nothing to it. Just takes a while, sometimes when I want them to be really neat I will us a toothpick to make sure they dots are more circular.

Hope this makes you want to do it with your nails.

Lots of love – Chels


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Polka Dot Dress

Another work dress, and yep you got it, more polka dots. Didn’t realise I had a thing for polka dots until I started this blog. Another bargain dress, I found this dress in one the random shops that you get, although I’m sure you can get it in a lot of places now.

This dress is another one that nips in at the waist, kinda comes out slightly, has a little structure to it. The polka dots are a velvet texture which although you don’t get to experience is fun for me. I love the black and white, no mater what pattern it is, as long as it’s monochrome it will always be timeless. Well that is my opinion anyway.




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Little drops of candy

More pastel nails for you for SS12. They remind me of sweets, strangely want to eat my own nails. 😐 again nail varnish is from Asda, George collection. Let me know what you think.




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