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New Shoes/ Men’s Style

Hiya all,

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, I’ve just started a new job, re arranged my bedroom and quite frankly, I’m just lazy.

Anyway here are the shoes I bought today, I’m absolutely in love with them.

I’m not a massive girly girl so a bit of masculinity sits very well with me. These are from Simmi Shoes. I really like the boat style shoe but was never too keen on the colours. Well I spotted these today and to be honest it was the contrast colours that caught my eye. They happen to fit like a glove and are extremely light. Winning all round.

Lots of love




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New Work Clothes

How much do I love this outfit..? So much that I would wear it every day if I could.

Took a little shopping trip, I found the below. New shoes at the bargain price of £19.99. They’re actually so comfortable, which is unusual. I lasted all day at work and then another little shopping trip. I will be getting them in the other colours available but I like the red to spice up my work clothes.

The blouse is from H&M and it is perfect for the weather as we seem to be getting a little summer coming along. It is a chiffon material but the pockets are doubled over so it isn’t too see-through. It is quite loose fitting which makes it quite cool and airy, plus I always wear skinny trousers so its nice to wear something looser on top.

Trousers are my usual ones from H&M.

Lots of love

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Summer Is Coming…

So here in Essex it has been getting warmer and brighter, I’m sure it won’t last but today I thought it was acceptable for the outfit.
Perfect excuse to wear my new sandals, I’ve been itching to get them on, I think they’re beautiful and they are leather so will definitely last and are worth every penny. (Excuse my toes)
The top was found on my little shopping trip at the weekend from Matalan’s children’s wear.

Top: Matalan (Children’s wear)
Jeans: Zara
Sandals: Zara




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All black – Red Dr Martens


Went for a casual look today all black. Black jeans from Topshop, black t-shirt black leather jacket from Zara and my Red Dr Martens just for some colour.



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Camo Jacket + Bobble Hat

Today I’m wearing:

Hat: Primark
Jacket: Primark
Trainers: Nike Blazer
Shirt: Tesco
Jeans: Topshop




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Jeffery Campbell’s

Thought you guys might like those these, I’m a bit late with sharing, I bought these on Boxing Day in the sale. Lets just say they were cheaper than half price.
They’re a lot more comfortable than you think, I’m petty sure the height of them is 7 inches. And the spikes do infact hurt, not the easiest to take off when you’ve had a drink. Give Jeffery his dues though a warning came in the box about the spikes and they were beautifully packaged and wrapped.



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High Street at it’s Finest


This is one of my favourite outfits ever!! And what I like to think of as high street at its finest. So much so I won’t even bore you with my waffle.

    Military jacket: Primark
    Shorts: River Island
    Shoes: Dr Martens
    Bag: Aldo
    Belt: Tesco
    Jumper: H&M

Autumn Wonders

So here is one of my winter jumpers. I’m not usually a jumper person which is why you’ll very rarely see me in long sleeves apart from jackets. This jumper is from Tesco I love the way it looks textured. The jeans are from Zara as the vast majority of them are. The boots are from a random shop in the local shopping centre. You know the ones that have a different name every week. I bought them around a year ago, but only wearing them now means you can’t have them ;). The jacket also from Zara, there is a post about that if you would like a better look. This is more of an autumn look, not too wrapped up yet. Ideal for a casual shopping trip.

Hope you like

Lots of love






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Carrie Bradshaw Style

How adorable are these. Don’t usually go for heels any smaller than 5 inches but I’m going to keep these ones as my grown up shoes. How Carrie Bradshaw style are they?




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Green Eyed Monster

So as you can see I have a bit of an obsession for green at the moment. all shades, all things, accessories, shoes, jackets, tops, nail varnish. You name it I have it in green. Here are a few of my favourites I thought I would share with you.

Nike Blazers

Pastel Green Shoes

Military Gilet


Over the shoulder bag

Couple of tops.

There is no real point to this post, just wanted to show of my green collection.


Lots of love

Chels – xx


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