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New Shoes/ Men’s Style

Hiya all,

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, I’ve just started a new job, re arranged my bedroom and quite frankly, I’m just lazy.

Anyway here are the shoes I bought today, I’m absolutely in love with them.

I’m not a massive girly girl so a bit of masculinity sits very well with me. These are from Simmi Shoes. I really like the boat style shoe but was never too keen on the colours. Well I spotted these today and to be honest it was the contrast colours that caught my eye. They happen to fit like a glove and are extremely light. Winning all round.

Lots of love




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Floppy Hat

Hiya, sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’m too lazy to be honest, I have all the photos stored just can never be bothered to write the post.

Anyway, just thought I would show you my floppy hat, I got it from H&M a while ago but it was never the weather to wear it. This was my casual ensemble for a family BBQ.

Have a lovely day



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Caviar Nails

Thought I would share my caviar nails with you




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High Street at it’s Finest


This is one of my favourite outfits ever!! And what I like to think of as high street at its finest. So much so I won’t even bore you with my waffle.

    Military jacket: Primark
    Shorts: River Island
    Shoes: Dr Martens
    Bag: Aldo
    Belt: Tesco
    Jumper: H&M

Adding Colour to Winter

Just a quick one this time, just to show you one of my favourite jumpers, I love the colours on this jumper, they brighten up autumn/winter a little bit. I ordered it from asos thinking the colours probably wouldn’t be the same, but lucky old me, they are.wonr with my Zara basic dept jeans, good old faithfuls.

Lots of love
C x


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Make Shift Military Jacket – Leather Sleeves

So this is my make shift military jacket with leather sleeves. I do have one from Primark but this one will be different. So the grey jumper is from Tesco. The leather jacket from Zara, then I have put my military gilet over the top, from New Look. Ta da a military jacket that no one else has. The hat is from Primark and the matching scarf also. Trainers are Nike blazers. The hat is so cosy you wouldn’t believe by the way.

Hope you like.

Lots of love





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Sucker For Socks

Such a sucker for socks. Can’t help myself. Look how cute they are. Total bargain from Primark


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Green Eyed Monster

So as you can see I have a bit of an obsession for green at the moment. all shades, all things, accessories, shoes, jackets, tops, nail varnish. You name it I have it in green. Here are a few of my favourites I thought I would share with you.

Nike Blazers

Pastel Green Shoes

Military Gilet


Over the shoulder bag

Couple of tops.

There is no real point to this post, just wanted to show of my green collection.


Lots of love

Chels – xx


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Block Your Green

I know matching things can be really tacky but I absolutely love that I have found a matching nail varnish for my trainers. You should have seen the ridiculous grin on my face. I originally set out to get a yellow to pair with my lilac/lavender InStyle Nails Inc Freebie. But I was in Tesco and I went to the Rimmel section as I always do and I spotted this.  Held it up to my trainers, perfect match. Was so excited, thought I would show you the match up against my trainers so you know I’m not lying. The colour is called Block Your Green from Rimmels 60 second range.

It’ll also be brilliant to bring back at Christmas time because it’s like a tree green colour.

Lots of Love

Chelsea – xx

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Mellow Yellow

Here’s my new arm candy, from Another pastel. Yes I know all I have are pastels lately but I do love them. Bit dissappointing with the back not being the yellow colour too, but there you go, can’t win everytime. It has a long strap too so you can put it over your shoulder more like a satchel and it’s structured. I’m very excited to use this and liven up an outfit. Again will go perfect with tan, I should really start investing in brown shoes.

Lots of fashion love.

Chels – x

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