Block Your Green

I know matching things can be really tacky but I absolutely love that I have found a matching nail varnish for my trainers. You should have seen the ridiculous grin on my face. I originally set out to get a yellow to pair with my lilac/lavender InStyle Nails Inc Freebie. But I was in Tesco and I went to the Rimmel section as I always do and I spotted this.  Held it up to my trainers, perfect match. Was so excited, thought I would show you the match up against my trainers so you know I’m not lying. The colour is called Block Your Green from Rimmels 60 second range.

It’ll also be brilliant to bring back at Christmas time because it’s like a tree green colour.

Lots of Love

Chelsea – xx

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2 thoughts on “Block Your Green

  1. ooooooh wow if you only knew how crazy iam abt green….i love love love love this….love struck darls…

    • I’ve got an obession with green, I’m slowly getting obsessed with orange/peach too. I’ve got amazing green colour top from H&M I will post about tonight, you’ll love it.

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