Military Gilet

Hiya, haven’t posted a while so thought I would share one of my latest buys with you. This one is from New Look, (finally something not from Zara) I love this, I’d had my eye on it for a while, thought it would look great with shorts and my floral dr martens. But we’ll see in the summer how that one goes.

I love the detail of the badges on this, it’s quite urban cool. The thing I do love most about this is that it doesn’t really fit into any trend. Don’t get me wrong I do love to have things that are on trend but it’s worth having a couple of pieces that don’t fit in. Less likely to see people wearing it too.

The hood to this does actually fold away if you don’t want to have it out. The drawstring around the middle that pulls it makes it feel slightly more girly. I have tried it with both a casual and a more dressy outfit. It works both ways which is a massive bonus.

Hope you like.

Lots of Love

Chels – xxx

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One thought on “Military Gilet

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