Pink Jeans

Haven’t posted for a while, kind of because I’ve been on a ‘shopping ban’ I keep buying way too much, but although I’m on a ban somethings just can’t be helped. Like these for instance, I’ve wanted coloured jeans for a while now but as you may have read before, have trouble finding ones that are still really skinny around my ankles. Well I finally found them and here they are…..
They are from Zara as most of my stuff is these days. My skinny jeans from there are still in a huggy condition and feel like brand new, so when I saw these I thought I would give them a go. They kind of stain at first but I can’t ask for much more than they give me as they’re a good price for a fashion jean. With fashion changing like the weather we never know if they will still be wearable in the winter. Anyway, for a non break the bank budget, the colour is so vibrant and they are super skinny as I wish.

Dreams really do come true.



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One thought on “Pink Jeans

  1. […] in any trend currently but will be treasured and worn as if it is. I’ve teamed it with my Pink Jeans from Zara and my Creepy Sandals shoes from Office. I thought it looks quite cool personally. […]

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