Creepy Sandal Shoes

Heres another pair of shoes for you, I fall in love with these every time I see them. Theyre from office. I think I like them so much because they look like creepy sandals that you would see someone wearing socks with. As much as I would never wear socks and sandals it sooo makes me want to try it, just to see how creepy it is. I know the colours on these seem  like they don’t go with much, but I tend to find that if I don’t think I’ll wear shoes because of that, they end up being worn the most. Point is proving well so far. For some reason the flash on my camera has made these look like the colour is actually brighter. But it isn’t they do actually look like the photo taken from office.



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One thought on “Creepy Sandal Shoes

  1. […] will be treasured and worn as if it is. I’ve teamed it with my Pink Jeans from Zara and my Creepy Sandals shoes from Office. I thought it looks quite cool personally. The pink jeans girly-ed the gilet […]

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