Average Day at Work

Ok, so I haven’t got a cool outfit for you today, just my faithful work outfit. If you have skinny ankles and are short like me then you may find it hard to find smart trousers that dont swing round your ankles and let all the wind go up your legs. These are the best work trousers I’ve ever found. They are from Zara Basic range. I would recommend them to anyone, I will be buying many pairs incase they stop selling them. The top is from Primark, it reminds me of a top that Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It isn’t very fitted which works for me as I don’t like to be in all fitted items. I love the monocrome in it too, Black and White will never be wrong or not be fashionable. As much as dress down fridays are fun, I do adore wearing smart clothes, although this outfit is not as smart as it could be.

Lots of Love



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